Sunday, February 1, 2009


Well I am sorry to say that I was up 1.4 this week. Lame-O! It is my own fault- as I over indulged and pretended that calories-points- whatever- didn't matter. But guess what I learned?
You can't hide from your own body. Whether or not you like it- your body knows when you overindulge too often and it will eventually show you that. It just will.
I am back on track and tracking everything I consume. I have committed to myself that no matter how crappy a day it has been, that I will TRACK my heart out.
It feel s good to be honest. No more hiding from myself. If you know what I mean...

Goals- aspirations for the first week of February
♥Track all those pretty little points
♥Be optimistic
♥Drink Water at work and school
♥Be free at the WW
♥ Run 2 miles without stopping (WOW-sers to me!)
♥Exercise every single day (except the Sabbath- [which is Sunday for me] )
♥ Be kind to myself- this is a battle, but one that I AM fighting and winning. :)
♥ Keep my house clean. I heard once that as your levels of control go down, the level of stress rises. And, as your levels of control go up, you stress decreases. Thus, if Stress stays low and control stays high, I am more likely to succeed. If my environment is clean and organized, then I feel less anxious and am more likely to be productive.

That's all for today! I am working on having my biggest loss yet! Yeah!!!!

Go A-TeAM! We rock! Let us work our tails off this week!

-The Nut

p.s. remember that YOU are the only one who can make the change for you! Nobody can do it for you. So what are you waiting for? Honestly? What? Think about it- what is in your way? Push through it! You are worth it!


  1. Hooray for you!!! No, I'm not hooraying the "up" because that would be silly ... but I AM hooraying your attitude about it and about the days ahead! We most DEFINITELY rock!!!

  2. Those sound like really great goals! Good luck with running those two miles. :o )

  3. was that squishy comment from the same squishy that lives at our house? Just wondering. Keep up the good work the M loves you!!

  4. You are very ambitious! Over on the Healthy Divas I'm trying out a group challenge program, we're working on healthy breakfasts and lunches. Check it out and let me know your email if you want to join in!

  5. PS we found two much better goal trackers if you want to check them out and tell us what you think, and if you have any great breakfast or lunch recipes, bring em on!