Sunday, February 1, 2009


Well I am sorry to say that I was up 1.4 this week. Lame-O! It is my own fault- as I over indulged and pretended that calories-points- whatever- didn't matter. But guess what I learned?
You can't hide from your own body. Whether or not you like it- your body knows when you overindulge too often and it will eventually show you that. It just will.
I am back on track and tracking everything I consume. I have committed to myself that no matter how crappy a day it has been, that I will TRACK my heart out.
It feel s good to be honest. No more hiding from myself. If you know what I mean...

Goals- aspirations for the first week of February
♥Track all those pretty little points
♥Be optimistic
♥Drink Water at work and school
♥Be free at the WW
♥ Run 2 miles without stopping (WOW-sers to me!)
♥Exercise every single day (except the Sabbath- [which is Sunday for me] )
♥ Be kind to myself- this is a battle, but one that I AM fighting and winning. :)
♥ Keep my house clean. I heard once that as your levels of control go down, the level of stress rises. And, as your levels of control go up, you stress decreases. Thus, if Stress stays low and control stays high, I am more likely to succeed. If my environment is clean and organized, then I feel less anxious and am more likely to be productive.

That's all for today! I am working on having my biggest loss yet! Yeah!!!!

Go A-TeAM! We rock! Let us work our tails off this week!

-The Nut

p.s. remember that YOU are the only one who can make the change for you! Nobody can do it for you. So what are you waiting for? Honestly? What? Think about it- what is in your way? Push through it! You are worth it!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Love my Body Because......

This week's goal for me is this: TO LOVE MYSELF and Be HAPPY NO matter what with my BODY.

I love myself because I have accomplished things within these few weeks that I didn't think I could do. (Being below 150!! I haven't been at that weight since before my senior year!!)

I love my body because it CAN do exercises that are difficult, I push myself.

I believe that I can do it, that I can accomplish the things that I put my mind too (getting below 140!!! only 8 more lbs to go!)

I am happy when I get my bum out of bed early, early in the morning to go to the gym....even if I dont want too...I know that I am happier when I am finished I feel so good about myself.

I love my body, because I am finally seeing the small results of MY hard work paying off when my clothes are starting to fit loose.

I love myself because I AM WORTH IT!!!

I love watching the biggest loser because it helps me realize its not just about losing weight, it making a life change INSIDE and out...and how I see myself.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Alright- I took a week of absence! Yikes- I called last week Death week. Let's just say that now that it is over I seriously feel a huge relief! Wow! It amazes me how tests still create so much "stress" for me physically!
Anyway- that was not the point of this post. I am back- and with a vengeance if you fill. Seriously.
I was being discouraged at the point that I had only lost 4.2 lbs since I started. Then I looked at my calendar and realized that it was 4.2 lbs in almost a month. (it's not over yet folks! ) That is almost 5lbs in a month. Wow- I haven't done that in a long time- so it rocks for me! Ye-haw!!!!!!!!

Goals for this week:
1) Drink Water (as a student- this seems to be an obstacle from day to day)
2)Lose 2 lbs.
3) Track those WW points
4) Meditate at least two times. This one is huge for me- I am a major believer in taking care of yourselves
5) Try running again. This may sound lame to all you running guru's out there. But guess what? For the first time since i have been married, I "ran" a mile non-stop. I am just not a huge runner. I dig the aerobic class scene you know? So there you go. I run. (think What About Bob here: I'm sailing, I sail, I'm a sailor.... ha ha ha love that movie. )

Goals for Feb:
1) Be down 12 lbs.
2)Be Free at the WW.
3) Drink Water all the day
4) Run 3 miles without stopping (huge)
5) Find out how much it costs to certify to teach Zumba and Body Combat.... how I miss the body combat....

Go team A! We rock!
Peace out-
The nut

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Down another 2~

I dont have much time to write anything....but I thought I would write a little about my progress this week. I worked my butt off at the gym and at home. I still gave into the dang sweets!!! do people have any suggests on how to give up the craving???????
But here is what happened this week:
I AM DOWN 2 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and I treated myself to a nice pedicure cause I did so well...and I reached a little goal that I made... get below a certain by this time ;-)
Remember you are worth it! Push yourself like I said last week....and I think I could not of said it any better than how Bob did this week on the Biggest Loser, (to that grey team member when he yelled at her)....."30 seconds.....JUST DO IT! NOW!" LOVE IT!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

GO Team Angie!

Alright Y'all!
Tonight I watched the Biggest Loser (a little late I know)- BUT I just have to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE ♥♥♥♥ that show! :) Jillian kicks your butt, Bob connects with your soul... what is not to love?
One of my loves is :
First off- the Music.

What have you Done today to make you feel proud?

Such a great message.

For me? Well I went to a spin class! Yah! This is actually huge for me because I literally live at the University. Seriously. I go to school at 8 am with the hubby. We go to classes. He goes to work 1/2 hour away, I work on Campus. I have an hour to kill before he comes to get me at --wait for it----- 8 p.m.--- so I decided to finally utilize my time and work on my ba-hooty! Ye-haw! Bring on the Saturday weigh in. :) My goal is to lose 20 pounds by April. So far... down 4. :) Yeah!

Anyway- what have you done today... to make you feel proud?!
( I am going to be singing that all day...)

-The Nut!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


This week has been pretty rough for me, I gave into my sweets. OPPS! But with limitation however....I counted ALL my points (weight watchers) for every little piece I ate. However my poor behind took a toll for my lack of control. I worked very hard at the gym.
Thank goodness for gyms, because when I went to weight watchers this morning I was down! YIPEE!!!! I still ate healthy, but I was afraid those sweets would catch up with me. I have learned my lesson and I dont want to work out an extra 30 for something that took my a minute to eat..... My goals for this week is plan my meals ahead and stick with it. I will even sneak a goodie here and there but they will be healthy treats.
MOVE a little bit more this week everyone, and push yourself a little. If you are in a gym class or even a video at home add a little weight or jump a little more. PUSH YOURSELF. I have two sayings that helps me:
" Nothing taste as good as Skinny feels." So I need to think of that when I am giving in to the temptation....realizing would that satisfy me? make me happy? When I have been un-happy with my weight for so long...which leads me to my next saying..." You wish, then you dream....JUST DO!!!" Just do it....start today with your dreams and I can do anything we want as long as we start today with our wants, dreams, and goals and DO IT!!! you are all awesome!!! you can do it Natalie and EVERYONE!!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Workin out EVERYDAY helps!

I have never liked exercising, I never have. Since my dancing days in high school, when I would kick my heals up for sun up to sun down I have HATED exercising, but this past month as I have joined weight watchers COMPLETELY changed my eating habits, and exercising habits I have begun to LOVE pumping, jumping and burning those calories. I have found that the more and more I find things that are different and that are fun the more and more I love it.
This past weekend I went to weight watchers expecting to gain some weight because I wasn't so good this past weekend because of the holidays, but I wasn't "crazy" either. When I went to the gym I gave it a 110% and that made the difference. I pushed myself to the limit!
My goal is to get down to 135! And I CAN DO IT!!! Natalie and EVERYONE else that is reading this stick to it! YOU CAN DO IT!!!
Love ya,